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Why Rubik's cube is important?

Discussion in 'Top Schools' started by sharmasanvi, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. sharmasanvi

    sharmasanvi New Member

    Solving a Rubik's cube can start out as curiosity for some and even end up as a hobby. Nevertheless, it is quite a de-stressing activity. However, learning to solve a Rubik's cube takes a lot of patience and strong will. It requires a lot of time but inevitably, it is truly rewarding. Rubik's cube is important for us :-
    1. Improve your memory
    2. Improved hand-eye coordination skills for children
    3. Increased finger dexterity
    4. Enhanced logical thinking ability and improved focus
    5. Creative problem solving skills
    6. Improves patience
    7. Keeps your mind active
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