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WhatsApp Vs blackberry’s BBM-Chat Applications Battle Out

Discussion in 'Gadget & Software Lounge' started by Sunil, May 15, 2013.

  1. Sunil

    Sunil Member

    whatsApp Vs blackberry’s BBM

    whatsapp which has been a revolutionary app for chat and messaging may get some real competition from another popular messaging service, BBM of blackberry.

    WhatsApp which is currently handling billions of messages every day is a cross-platform messaging app for iPhones, android based phones, blackberry and other smart phones. It has completely dominated the chat space in the smart phone segment. At times, it has been believed to be bigger than Twitter.

    But that may feel some hit as blackberry in its recent statement announced that they will be launching a new mid segment phone in selected market of asia, Europe and few other countries along with their popular messaging service BBM to be upgraded to be compatible with other smart phone operating systems like iOS (iPhones, iPad etc) and android.

    iOS and android currently dominate the smart phone and tablet segment & BBM which is fairly popular may help blackberry to increase its presence in this segment.

    Blackberry stormed the high end phone segment with it’s phones but then due to invent of touch based smart phones, it has largely lost its market share to other players like Apple and Samsung.
    With the latest launch of few touch based phones and the news of integrating BBM with iOS and Android, they may well expect a turn around.

    It will be really interesting to see if people using whatsapp switch to BBM but still, they may expect to attract new customers on these platforms.
  2. Ranjan Kumar

    Ranjan Kumar New Member

    Unless Whatsapp dropped this idea of paying 0.99 cents per year by users, it would not survive the competition in the long run. Why pay for something when i can get another one for free. BBM will remain free and so, believe it or not, it surely will outlive the likes of Whatsapp. Many smartphone users in Africa, including those in the rural villages, have come to love Whatsapp which for them remains the best way to communicate, instead of the standard sms. For these people, Whatsapp is the best IM app and they dont love it for its design, but rather for the fact that it is free. Ask them now to start paying for it and you will see many will just switch to BBM. And what will even be the payment method? Credit card? How many people in Africa know what a credit card is, let alone own one?
    Ranjan Kumar
    Royaluni likes this.
  3. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Thats very well said Ranjan, whatsapp is really a good app but in the world of open source and free apps, it will be very difficult for something like it to survive. BBM is free and as google is pushing hangout through its android devices, competition is going up and only quality but free apps will survive in the long run.
  4. luckysoni773

    luckysoni773 New Member

    I didn't bother using Whatsapp when I used to use my BB. I downloaded the application when I made the switch from BB to the iPhone. I'm indifferent about it. It's not like I can't contact the person via a call or text message if I really wanted to.

    My Dad uses Whatsapp and he likes it, but my Mum can't stand it. She thinks it's too confusing. Oh well. It works for some, but not others. I call/text her when I want to speak to her. No biggie. My Dad just likes the idea of being up to date with technology. I guess it makes him feel young? Who knows.
  5. Sheena Bajaj

    Sheena Bajaj New Member

    Whatsapp because I use the iPhone. Never understood the appeal of BBM and the blackberry in general, I definitely think that it's only a matter of little time before everyone starts ditching the BB.

    the idea of whatsapp came from bbm lol and its much faster + more features and less battery consuming

    i use both anyway >.>
    Sunil likes this.
  6. Sunil

    Sunil Member

    That's right Sheena but nowadays market is flooded with chatting apps and most of them offer similar services. I think whatsapp has the advantage of being early bird and has already grabbed lots of market share. It won't be easy for existing users to switch to different messaging app.

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