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What is the difference among CSIR, JRF, NET, and UGC NET?

Discussion in 'Career Counseling' started by Anuj Jindal, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. Anuj Jindal

    Anuj Jindal New Member

    Let us tackle these terms one by one to be able to understand it completely once and for all.

    1. National Eligibility Test (NET)- This is an exam meant for those who wish to wish to teach in colleges and Universities. This test is meant to determine the eligibility for the post of Assistant Professor and award Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) to top qualifying candidates in the NET exam.
    2. Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)- it is a flagship scheme of UGC to encourage students to go for higher education and research, take admission in Mphil/Ph.D. So top Thus a monetary amount of 31000 Rs + HRA, depending upon the location of institution where the candidate is affiliated to.
    3. University Grants Commission (UGC)- It is a statutory body set by the government of India for maintenance, coordination, and determination of standards of University education in India. It provides recognition to Universities and disbursement of funds to them. It is headquartered in New Delhi.
      1. UGC NET- Therefore this is the exam by UGC to undertake its function of maintenance of standards of higher education in India and disbursement of funds. As it is clear from the name of the body- University “grants” commission.
    4. The council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)- It is a premier national R&D organization
      1. CSIR NET- It includes only the following subjects- Chemical Sciences, Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences. These subjects are under the category of Joint CSIR-UGC Fellowship.
        Rest other subjects are under only UGC.
    There is another new addition to this ecosystem. In 2017, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has been established by the government of India.

    National Testing Agency (NTA)- It is only an exam conducting body. Before NTA these exams were conducted by CBSE and CSIR, Now these institutions have been relieved of this responsibility to focus on their primary functions, and a specialized exam conducting body has been established to make the whole process more efficient.

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