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What is the benefit of having a TOEFL certificate?

Discussion in 'Education Live' started by malaka dev, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. malaka dev

    malaka dev New Member

    I am a india undergraduate student. I'm planning on continuing my education in a certificate program that is offered in some American universities. any one can help me.
  2. king

    king New Member

    Yes, TOEFL have a lot of benefits:

    See sources for the benefits, hope it helps! But different universities have different rules."Fly high with better understanding and accurate knowledge"
    Check out :
  3. Western Academy

    Western Academy New Member


    TOEFL Reading often becomes a big issue for most of the students due to one big problem that is lack of time. Time is one major drawback in TOEFL reading .There is very less time to read and answer all the questions.

    Due to lack of time studentsoften get stressed and panic and that messes up the entire reading section. There are overall 3 or 5 passages which are academic topics and you havearound 20 minutes to read and answer all the questions. It may sound easy but when you really try it out you will realize how challenging it can be.

    Another issue is that the passages are full of details and information so it becomes even more difficult to remember all the information and answer all the questions.

    Check out :
  4. Western Academy

    Western Academy New Member

    • Regardless to the place where you want to study, TOEFL test enables you to reach your desired destination. Depending on the test score will be eligible for getting admission in college or university in the world.
    For more details, visit:-

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