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what is difference between java and javascript?

Discussion in 'Programs for working professionals' started by dhivyaa4n, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. dhivyaa4n

    dhivyaa4n Member

    pls share ur ideas.....
  2. a4ndinesh

    a4ndinesh Member

    Java is an individual platform java script is an server access web developer
  3. priya456

    priya456 Member

    Java is considered a compiled programming language. JavaScript is considered an interpreted scripting language. The difference is in the implementation: Java is compiled into bytecode and run on a virtual machine, whereas JavaScript can be interpreted directly by a browser in the syntax it is written (although it is usually minified in practice).

    Java uses static type checking, where the type of a variable is checked at compile-time. The programmer must specify the type (integer, double, string, etc.) of any variable they create. JavaScript, like most scripting languages, uses dynamic typing, where type safety is verified at runtime. It is not required for a programmer to specify the type of any variable they create.
  4. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    You can also add to it that javascrpt is primarily used in webapp development like all kind of websites whereas technically you can create websites with Java, but it is largely used in enterprise software development.

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