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Videocon digital tv D2H Review

Discussion in 'TV & Monitor Review Forum' started by Royaluni, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Videocon digital tv D2H Review—videocon’s digital service D2H is their DTH service. While competing with established player like airtel and dish tv, they have done fine so far.

    They offer 22 HD channels. You will have to buy HD set top box to avail HD channels.

    They offer following for North, East and West;

    Super gold pack- Rs 178 + 12.36% = 200
    Gold entertainment HD – Rs 253 + 12.36%= 284.27
    Gold HD- Rs 328 + 12.36% = 368.54
    New Gold Sports pack – Rs 236 + 12.36% = 265.17
    Gold Sports HD – Rs 285 + 12.36% = 320.23
    New diamond pack – Rs 285 + 12.36% = 320.23
    Platinum pack – Rs 352 + 12.36% = 395.51
    Platinum HD pack – Rs 411 + 12.36% = 461.80

    They also offer variety of add ons for movies, sports, entertainment, infotainment, music and other language or group based channels.

    They offer south packages on similar lines with approximately same price range.

    They provide all channels currently available in India.
    Their HD quality is good and support is also fine.
    Please share your reviews and feedback of Videocon digital D2H Service.

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