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USA Samsung LED LCD TV not working on PAL in India

Discussion in 'TV & Monitor Review Forum' started by Royaluni, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Hi guys, I have recently bought a Samsung led tv from US. In US they use NTSC and in India, PAL technology is used. It causes much of a pain for those who bring TV from US. I am not sure if there is any DTH service provider in India who support NTSC, though I have heard that some specific model of SUN DTH allow to switch transmission between PAL and NTSC but I am not sure.

    I am using Airtel DTH and using a HDMI convertor to connect it to my 46 inch led tv. I must say that the picture quality is not good. Airtel HD DTH STB is equipped with HDMI but if you directly connect to your US tv, you will get an error message as it don’t support NTSC. If you connect your US Tv model using composite cables (Red, white and yellow cable), you will get the picture but no color that is black & white screen.

    I am still looking for a better option for better picture quality but at least I can use it through HDMI converter. If you have got any better idea, please share. thanks
  2. dofus kamas

    dofus kamas New Member

    OK, if I have good idea, I will be share.
  3. njonam

    njonam New Member

    Hi, even I am planning to take TV from USA to India. I want to know how did you convert the power 220v/50Hz to 110V/60Hz and also the PAL to NTSC issue.

  4. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

  5. njonam

    njonam New Member

    Thank you for the quick update. But the convertor will transform the voltage (220v to 110v) but not the frequency. Will the TV work fine with 110v/50HZ? The power rating on the TV is 110v/60HZ. By the way which Samsung model you took from USA?

  6. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Actually i am not using anything for voltage and it is working fine. I got a HDMI convertor for NTSC/PAL issue. In fact, recently one of my friend came back from US and he too bought TV. He is using videocon dth without using convertor. So you can use TVs bought from US with or without these convertors.

    I am using airtel DTH, so i have to use ntsc/pal convertor. I don't remember my model#. But it is quite standard so i guess it will remain same for you also.

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