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regular vs distance MBA program

Discussion in 'Career Counseling' started by rahulmalhotra, May 28, 2012.

  1. rahulmalhotra

    rahulmalhotra New Member

    How useful is a distance learning MBA? Is there any difference between a regular and distance MBA program?
  2. aditi

    aditi New Member

    The full-time versus distance learning debate is a pivotal issue. A valuable part of the full-time MBA experience is the concentrated time with academics and peer group. Distance learning MBA students will miss out on this to a certain extent. Regular MBA has more value than distance MBA. Most of the big companies do not even consider much for a distance MBA. At the time of placement, not only the marks obtained are essential but also the mode of degree obtained is required. In case of MBA, the institute, matters a lot.
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  3. sunilmalhotra

    sunilmalhotra New Member

    Hi Rahul, Distance MBA should be considered only by those with several years of work experience. The Distance MBA course has been designed for those who are not able to go for regular classes due to their job. Now, if you one of them, there is no other option than pursuing distance MBA, but if you have graduated recently and not engaged in a full time job, it would be better to pursue regular full time MBA from a reputed B-School. If MBA is pursued from a good B-School like ISB, MYRA, FMS and SYMBIOSIS will definitely fetch you professional success and therefore, regular MBA must be preferred. Distance MBA is best suited for working professionals and it should not be chosen by fresh graduates.
  4. ajit

    ajit New Member

    Both have their own pros and cons. However, a regular MBA is always advisable over distance MBA because you get a lot more exposure and practical skills than with a distance mode MBA. However if you are already working somewhere and are lacking just a degree to get a promotion, then a distance mode MBA would be advisable.
  5. Nicol Williams

    Nicol Williams New Member

    There are lots of distance training institutes in the your city. So going for a distance learning is not a problem . but keep one thing in your mind is that go for distance learning only if:
    1.You are working somewhere and you just want to put MBA as your as extra qualification in your CV
    2.You don't want to get placed from the institute itself.
  6. krishkanna

    krishkanna New Member

    Distance education is becoming popular in India. According to the survey in 2011, distance mode of education got 26% extra populace in India. Distance learning has grown in different dimensions to become the chosen route for top education.

    Distance education – The past, the present and the Precedent

    Distance education has grown in different dimensions to become the chosen route for higher education.

    The larger section of the student community in India, aspiring for higher studies, seeks distance learning for its convenience, flexibility, affordability and accessibility.

    The eligibility aspect of distance learning attracts even the adult segment to purse higher education.

    As per the 2011 statistics, during the last decade (2001-2011) distance education has grown from 20% to 26% of the student populace in India.

    This growth is further catalyzed by the increasing demand for better competencies for a particular job.

    Add to that, the technology boom has bolstered the distance education space, through better reach, promising to deliver a bright future.

    The positive and prospective aspects of distance learning

    Distance education, has scored high in terms of the flexibility, it offers.

    Additionally, remote access of distance learning courses help students from across the country to study from their own comfort zone.

    This apart, the pedagogy in terms of faculty and course structure has evolved to suit the industry standards.

    The distance learning courses ranging from humanities to management feature industry relevant curriculum to make them more applicable and accountable in the job industry.

    Here, learning extends to the scope of non-academic sessions, with faculty/mentors equipped to handle different facets of subject training.

    With respect to the pedagogy in distance learning, technology- medium has given effect to industry-oriented training with instant access and quality resources.

    The online medium with its 24*7 connectivity serves as a global interface for students to network with their peers, share knowledge, learn from the experts and grow in all facets.

    All these aspects of new-age distance education make it credible/creditable in the job industry, being treated on par with the regular stream of learning.

    Refer :
  7. Distance MBA programs have really picked up the pace now a days looking toward the current trends where people like to continue their jobs along with their study so that they gain gain both skills and knowledge side by side and thus this help them in attaining higher packages. So, my inclination is towards choosing distance learning as an option for your career.
  8. anil22ece

    anil22ece New Member

    Many universities and institutions have offered various diplomas and degree courses through distance mode, but distance MBA has become the top choice for countless management degree aspirants. With the advent of IT, the distance learning program has become more sought after by means of internet, audio-video conferencing and online interaction in India. The interface has made them too close to feel no difference between class room learning and distance learning. They prefer to choose distance MBA as they don’t have time to attain regular class. They able to gain a supplemental distance MBA degree while staying focused on their job and family. The distance learning programs cost fewer fees than the in-campus programs. There are also options to pay the fees in the form of lump sum or installments. This is also one of the reasons that why people choose distance MBA as a better option.

    mba distance learning
    distance learning mba
  9. way2college

    way2college New Member

    Managing IT is about effective utilization of the emerging technologies and the new modes of communication. Management skills in IT will focus on the overall management of planning, design, selection, implementation, use, and administration of the technology tools.
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  10. Ranjan Kumar

    Ranjan Kumar New Member

    Regular MBA undoubtedly is the best. Nothing can beat the rigorous training of regular MBA. MBA is all about providing training ground to become an effective manager, which goes beyond classroom teaching and cannot definetly be provided through correspondance. So my votes for regular MBA
  11. Sheena Bajaj

    Sheena Bajaj New Member

    Regular MBA is Far more better than Distance MBA .
    Now,,Problems in persuing Regular MBA
    1. Very Expensive
    2. Not all B schools are capable of giving good campus, the major problem (its no worth for cost as u cannot afford it )
    3. There is no sureity that u will get good marks in this year CAT exam is it require lot of preapartion or coaching,,Btw if u dont get good percentile u could not be able to get good wastege of 1 year again.
    and yes some people are right-- all the people or i think almost ever and every student are running for mba . even i also!!!! and 70% of all Regular mba also have no value,,,so choose your B-school wisely.
    Strictly i will advice u to listen your eternal soul,,, What do u want?????
    Regular MBA 4u - a risky speculation ,,expension ,,3-4 years timetaking ,, a Handfull salary(6-10 lk package approx by most of best b-schools)
    finally i dont advice u to go with distance mba ,,seriously make ur dreams big it is just a certificate used by experienced one's for promotion.definelty useless for fresehrs(not applicable for ignou and 2-3 other colleges ,,they r gud in distance learning)

    Let me introduce u a new INNOVATIVE MBA --- Executive MBA (really worth)
    (You may be kowing about executive mba,,if dont then google it u will get all the details)
    now Here comes the true advice for u...WHAT u hav to do-
    Find a Gud job,,as u prefer spanish lng g8t!!!go 4 it ,,all of all gud B schools , universties ,IIMs , etc etc are conduction exams for exective mba either by cat or there own exam. start giving 2-3 hrs daily for ur preparion.go for a job for 1-2 years.experice counts,, settle youself in the job city,,so benifit
    take ur time while preparing for a exam just do ur job and study for 2-3 hrs in evening for preparion(ur job experice count+ur r geeting salary+u can prepare for 1-2-3 years ,if u dont get ur preferable b-school,, without any tension)
    after geeting admission your evening mba classes start pay ur fees by ur job salary) and yes it does count a lot as u r attending classes and its a regular mba degree.
    Hoping 4 ur bright future..
  12. Humstudents

    Humstudents New Member

    The regular MBA program is better than distance learning.You can get more knowledge and opportunities by basis but if you are doing job or any other type of work than you should choose distance learning program.
  13. Aegis Overseas

    Aegis Overseas New Member

    Regular and Distance education have some differences. But based upon our financial potential we have to choose our option whether it is distance or regular. Distance education is better for who are financially low otherwise my suggestion is regular education is good.
  14. Sri Kumar

    Sri Kumar New Member

    It is important for prospective MBA students to weigh the pros and cons associated with distance learning and regular MBA courses. Both are great ways to earn a graduate degree and they allow individuals to be able to advance their business knowledge in around two years or less.
  15. vedang lele

    vedang lele New Member

    Regular MBA is good because in that you gain knowledge from both sides. For that you can but if financial condition is no so stable then you can do distance MBA and do job in the same field from that you can get practical knowledge
  16. dhivyaa4n

    dhivyaa4n Member

    It is important for prospective MBA students to weigh the pros and cons associated with distance learning and regular MBA courses. Both are great ways to earn a graduate degree and they allow individuals to be able to advance their business knowledge in around two years or less.
  17. Regular MBA course and Distance MBA course both have their own pros and cons. In my point of view, a regular MBA course is better than the distance mode.
    a student who is doing regular course will definitely get a good placement.

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