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Part time or distance mba vs post graduate certifications

Discussion in 'Programs for working professionals' started by universe, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. universe

    universe New Member

    i have seen many Post graduate certification courses offered from prestigious managment institutes in colloboration with institutes like NIIT Imperia. There is one more option for working professional and that is conventinol part time or distance education mba. I want to know which one is better. I know broadly even an part time mba doesn't add too much of value but i think it is far better than these overhyped courses especially looking at their cost. Please suggest.
  2. avinash

    avinash New Member

    I think part time or distance mba is better than these post graduate certification courses from these premium institutions. These courses are fairly expensive and they are just certification courses, so better go for distance or mba.
  3. Mihir Khanna

    Mihir Khanna New Member

    If you have the courage to work and learn simultaneously, you can go for Part time MBA from reputed colleges like ITM University. They have a well-crafted course that ensures proper knowledge in the chosen field. You may look for more information regarding the college online on their website.
  4. Aamira

    Aamira New Member

    Hi, I think Part-time or Distance MBA is better than PG Diploma. But today a lot of fraud institutions are providing such courses. so be careful about that. If you want to do an MBA without losing your job, I will give you some reference for distance and online MBA
    MBA in IT Distance Learning | MBA in Information Technology Online
    MBA in International Business Distance Learning | Online MBA Graduate Programs in International Business
    Engineering Management MBA Distance Learning | Engineering Management degree online
    Supply chain online courses | MBA in shipping and logistics
  5. Both are equally valuable. Its depend on your time and interest. The main advantage of Part-time MBA is you can continue your work and attend classes during weekends. Your job can’t suffer, if you wish to attend such courses.

    With distance MBA variety of specializations available. This course is useful only when you have some experience and you would not be able to attend classes of Full time or Part-Time MBA
  6. Sachin Shah

    Sachin Shah New Member

    I will always recommend you to pursue post graduate diploma certifications. I myself have done the post graduate diploma course. Plus, when done the course with specializations, it gives an add-on benefit. Make sure that you pursue the post graduate diploma course.
  7. Chetan Rathod

    Chetan Rathod New Member

    I would suggest part time executive mba as a better option because it offers more value for the money you are investing. You must take a well-planned decision and take it on time so that you may advance your career further. There are pros and cons to both and you need to choose as per your career needs.
  8. vikas sharma

    vikas sharma Member

    Dubai is the best city in UAE and if you want to pursue MBA HR In Dubai then it is the best decision to complete an HR course. Because here, you will know different HR management course techniques that will help you take on a senior management responsibilities/roles. To know more, visit:

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