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Online Business Analytics certificate course from harvard

Discussion in 'Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning' started by Royaluni, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Hi guys, harvard is accepting admission for their online business analytics course for batch 2018, please find the details and share your opinion about it.

    Participating in Business Analytics will allow you to:

    • Recognize trends, detect outliers, and summarize data sets concisely
    • Analyze relationships between variables
    • Develop and test hypotheses to inform managerial decisions
    • Craft sound survey questions and draw conclusions from samples of a larger population
    • Estimate the accuracy of statistics by calculating confidence intervals
    • Perform single and multiple variable regression analysis using Excel and interpret the output
    HBX is the digital learning initiative from Harvard Business School. HBX programs are designed to deliver a social, active, and case-based learning experience in a highly engaging digital learning environment. Business Analytics introduces quantitative methods used to analyze data and make better management decisions. This course is not based on rote memorization of equations or facts, but focuses on honing your understanding of key concepts, your managerial judgment, and your ability to apply course concepts to real business problems.

    Complete Syllabus

    Module 1- Describing and Summarizing Data
    Visualizing Data • Descriptive Statistics • Relationships Between Two Variables

    Create visual representations of data that allow you to recognize trends and detect outliers
    Define and calculate descriptive statistics to summarize data sets concisely
    Analyze relationships between two variables by creating scatter plots and calculating the correlation coefficient

    Module 2- Sampling and Estimation

    Creating Representative and Unbiased Samples • The Normal Distribution • Confidence Intervals • Amazon’s Inventory Sampling

    Determine an adequate sample size, explain the importance of random sampling, and craft sound survey questions to create representative samples
    Draw conclusions about the larger population by calculating sample statistics and applying the properties of the normal distribution
    Estimate the accuracy of statistics by calculating confidence intervals

    Module 3- Hypothesis Testing

    Designing and Performing Hypothesis Tests • Improving the Customer Experience

    Develop and test hypotheses to assess the impact of changes on an entire population or estimate differences between populations
    Quantify the evidence in favor of or against your hypothesis in order to make managerial decisions

    Module 4- Single Variable Linear Regression

    The Regression Line • Forecasting • Interpreting the Regression Output • Performing Regression Analysis • Forecasting Home Video Units

    Identify the best fit line for a data set and interpret its equation
    Analyze the relationship between two variables and develop forecasts for values outside the data set
    Perform a regression analysis using Excel and interpret the output

    Module 5- Multiple Regression

    The Multiple Regression Equation
    Adapting Concepts from Single Regression
    Performing Multiple Regression Analysis
    New Concepts in Multiple Regression
    The Caesars Staffing Problem

    Estimate the relative predictive power of different combinations of variables by performing and interpreting a multiple variable regression analysis using Excel • Expand the range of your analysis by using dummy and lagged variables

    Download business analytics brochure

    June 2018 dates

    Length - 8 weeks
    program dates - 06/26/2018 - 08/23/2018

    Cost - $1500

    More details at

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