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Maulana azad medical college

Discussion in 'Top Medical Colleges' started by Royaluni, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Maulana azad medical college is one of the best medical colleges in India. Students seeking medical education across india wants to be a part of this colleges, here are its details. Please comment if you need anything more about maulana azad medical college or about any other colleges
    The institution offers MBBS and BDS courses at the undergraduate level. It admits 200 students for the MBBS and 40 students for the BDS course annually.

    - 200 students are admitted annually. The distribution of seats is as per Delhi University Norms.
    Duration: 5½ years (including one year of internship)
    B.D.S. COURSE -40 students are admitted annually. The distribution of seats is as follows:
      1. 15% of total seats i.e. 6 seats are filled in through the entrance examination conducted by the CBSE on All India basis.
      2. 15% of total seats i.e. 6 seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 7½% i.e. 4 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes.
      3. 24 seats are filled on merit basis through DPMT entrance test conducted by Delhi University.
    BDS: 5 years (including one year of internship)

    The course of study for MBBS/BDS degree and all related examinations will be according to rules and regulations of Delhi University.
    Students after passing the Final M8BS examination must register themselves provisionally with the Delhi Medical Council before they can be permitted to join the compulsory internship program, as required under Medical Council Act.
    All students are required to pass an examination in Hindi at the end of the first or second year of MBBS/ BDS Course if he/she has not passed Hindi at the VlII standard (Minimum), unless he/she has been exempted by the Delhi University. Adequate arrangements for preparing the students for this examination are available at the Institution.
    GENERAL INFORMATION (Undergraduate Courses):
    Students admitted to Ist MBBS / lst BDS must join their classes on Ist August or any other date fixed by the University.
    • If a candidate fails to join or leaves the College after admission, the fees so paid shall not normally be refunded except where the candidate proves to the satisfaction of the Dean that failure to join or leave the course was due to the reasons beyond his/her control.
    • All newly admitted students will have to deposit the tuition fee along with other charges within the dates prescribed in the letter of the admission issued by the University of Delhi
    • All the other students of the College should deposit the fees by 31st July of the year failing which they shall deposit their fees with fine of Rs. 25/- per day w.e.f. Ist August of that year till the end of June next year. After that the name of the student shall be struck-off from the College rolls on Ist July. Such students may, however, be allowed to re-join with the permission of the Dean on payment of Rs. 1000/- per month as re-admission fees from the date his/her name struck-off from the College rolls. In addition to the total amount of penalty for late fees @ Rs. 25/- per day for the period from 1st August of that year till the end of June next year.
    • All applications for leave must be made in writing to the Dean. However, there is no provision for any kind of leave (including Medical Leave) and every student is required to complete the percentage of attendance as prescribed by University of Delhi.
    • Every student admitted to the College must maintain discipline and follow the rules and regulations in the College, Hospital, Hostels as well as in and around the campus failing which the Dean reserves the right to expel him/her from the Institute or to make him/her to vacate the hostel, if he/she is a hosteller, without assigning any reason.
    • The classes will commence from 8.00 A.M. Students posted on emergency duties will, however, continue to work even after regular classes, if required.
    • Interns are entitled to avail 12 days leave during the period of internship. No other type of leave (including leave on medical grounds) is permissible. The interns should, therefore, preserve leave for any contingency that may arise during subsequent part of their training.
    • Not more than 6 days leave will normally be permissible to interns in a department where posting is for two months and not more than 4 days leave in a department where the posting is for one month and not more than 2 days leave in 15 days posting will be granted.
    • Most of the decision/notices/advertisements are displayed on Notice Boards and announced through Class In charges. Students should watch the Notice Boards regularly. Failure to do so will not be an excuse.
    • The student should always keep the Identity card with him/her and show the same to the faculty/ staff members as and when demanded. Noncompliance will lead to disciplinary action.
    • Ragging in any form inside/outside the Campus is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will make the student liable to disciplinary action and even expulsion from the College/Hostel or both. Victims of ragging should immediately approach any faculty/staff member and seek his/her intervention.

    The fees payable are:-

    in Rs.
    Annual Tuition Fee
    Annual Library Fee
    Annual Laboratory Fee
    University fees, stipulated by the Delhi University i.e. enrolment Fee
    (Those who are not already enrolled with university of Delhi)
    Annual Special University fee from student of Delhi University only
    Security deposit for breakage etc (Refundable on completion
    of the course)
    Medical Examination Fee

    Other Annual Charges:-
    in Rs.
    Students' Union and Cine Club Fund
    Games and Sports Fund
    College Journal (Magazine Fee)
    University Athletic Fee
    University Cultural Council Fee
    Students' Aid Fund
    Students' Stationery Fund
    Information Bulletin Fee
    Identity Card Fee
    World University Service Fee
    University Development Fee
    NSS Fee
    Sexual Harrassment Policy Fund
  2. ankita pragya

    ankita pragya New Member

    Maulana azad medical college :-
    According to me this is one of the best medical college in India .This institute currently ranked 3rd in the country by India today & Times of India is spread over a campus in 122 acres. Attached to the college are 4 other institutes – Lok Nayak Hospital, GB Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, Maulana Azad Institute of Dental sciences and Guru Nanak Eye Center. It is one of the best place for learning with 2800 beds, 7200 daily outpatient attendance and 47 operation theatres running daily. It caters to 290 undergradtuate students, 245 post graduate and post doctoral students per year being trained by 426 faculty members and 810 resident doctors.

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