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List of top 20 CBSE School

Discussion in 'Top Schools' started by Hemang Verma, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Hemang Verma

    Hemang Verma New Member

    Who can give me the list of top 20 CBSE School in Gujarat?
  2. Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar New Member

    List of top 20 CBSE School in Gujrat
    1. Satyamevajayate International School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    2. Delhi Public School Vadodara, Gujarat
    3. Prakash Higher Secondary School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    4. Udgam School For Children Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    5. Vedant International School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    6. Air Force School Jamnagar, Gujarat
    7. Sainik School Balachadi, Gujarat
    8. St.Kabir School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    9. Delhi Public School Bopal Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    10. Mahatma Gandhi International School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    11. Divine Child International School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    12. Green Valley High School Vadodara, Gujarat
    13. Best High School Ahmedabad, GujaratAmrut High School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    14. Cosmos Castle International School Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    15. Best CBSE English Medium School In Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    16. Ambe School Vadodara, Gujarat
    17. Anand Niketan School Maninagar Campus Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    18. Gujarat Public School Vadodara, Gujarat
    19. Nalanda International School Vadodara, Gujarat
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