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List of Schools in Bhopal

Discussion in 'Top Schools' started by Royaluni, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    List of Schools in Bhopal

    • All Saints High School
    • Anand Vihar School
    • Ankur Middle School
    • Ankur Pimary School
    • B H E Vikram Higher Secondary School
    • Bal Bharati Public School|
    • Bal Bhavan School
    • Bhe Radhakrisnan High Secondary School
    • Boy's Govt. High School
    • Cambridge High School
    • Campion School
    • Carmel Convent Ratanpur,
    • Carmel Convent Girls' Higher Secondary School
    • Christ Memorial School
    • Dayan And Higher Secondary School
    • Demonstration Multipurpose Higher Secondary School
    • Dr Zakir Hussain Middle School
    • Elite Higher Secondary
    • G.H.S. School Deori,
    • Gov. Boy's High School Bairagarh,
    • Govt. Raja Bhoj H.S. School
    • Govt. Subhash Higher Secondary School
    • Hema Higher Secondary School
    • Idea Higher Secondary School
    • Jawaharlal Nehru School
    • Kamla Nehru H. S. School (CBSE)
    • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bairagarh
    • K. M. K. School Saketnagar,
    • Kopal School
    • Little Angels High School
    • Mathma Gandhi Higher Secondary School
    • Model Higher Secondary School, TT Nagar
    • Model Multipurpose Higher Secondary School
    • Motilal Vigyan Adarsh Mahavidyalaya
    • Nalanda Public School
    • Pragatisheel High Secondary School
    • Raja Bhoj Govt. School
    • Raman School
    • Red Rose Higher Secondary School
    • Red Rose Public School
    • Sagar Public School
    • Saint Joseph's Convent School
    • Saint Mary's Convent Higher Secondary School
    • Sanskar Valley Public School
    • Saraswati Vidya Mandir
    • Sardar Patel Hsc School
    • Sarojani Naidu Girls Higher Secondary School
    • Sarswati Santi Nikatan
    • Sarswti Shishu Vihar
    • Sheel Niketan H.S. School
    • Shishu Vihar Hsc. School
    • Shri Digambar Jain Higher Secondary
    • Sindhu Middle School Bairagarh,
    • St. Francis Higher Secondary School
    • St. John's Higher Secondary School
    • St. Joseph's Co-Ed School
    • St. Maichael Higher Secondary School
    • St. Paul's School
    • St. Xaviers Higher Secondary School
    • Sunrice School Bhopal
    • Supreme Public School
    • Vikram Higher Secondary School
    • ndhi Prodyogiki Mahavidhyalaya-2, Bhopal
    • RKDF College of Engg., Bhopal
    • RKDF College of Tech. & Res., Bhopal
    • RKDF College of Tech., Jatkhedi, Bhopal
    • RKDF Institute of Sc. & Tech., Bhopal
    • Rukmani Devi Institute of Sc. & Tech., Bhopal
    • Sagar Inst. of Resc. Tech & Sc. (SIRTS), Bhopal
    • Sagar Inst. of Research & Tech. Excellence, (SIRTE) Bhopal
    • Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, (SIRT) Bhopal
    • Sagar Inst. of Sc. & Tech. & Resc., (SISTec-R), Bhopal
    • Sagar Inst. of Sc. & Tech. Bhopal
    • Sagar Inst. of Sc.,Tech. & Engg.(SISTec-E), Bhopal
    • SAM College of Engg. & Tech., Bhopal
    • Satyam Education & SocialWelfare Society Group of Insts., Bhopal
    • SCOPE College of Engg., Bhopal
    • Sha-Shib College of Tech., Bhopal
    • Shri Ram College of Tech., Bhopal
    • Sparta Institute of Technology & Management, Bhopal
    • Sri Satya Sai College of Engg. Bhopal
    • Surabhi College of Engg. & Tech., Bhopal
    • Surabhi Group of Institutions, Bhopal
    • Swami Vivekanand College of Sc & Tech, Bhopal
    • Technocrats Institute of Tech. & Sc., Bhopal
    • Technocrats Institute of Tech. (Excellence), Bhopal
    • Technocrats Institute of Tech. (Excellence), Bhopal
    • Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal
    • Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal
    • Thakral College of Technology, Bhopal
    • TIT College, Bhopal
    • Trinity Inst. of Tech. & Research, Bhopal
    • Truba College of Sc. & Tech., Bhopal
    • Truba Institute of Engg. & Information Tech., Bhopal
    • Vaishnavi Institutes of Technology and Science (VITS), Bhopal
    • Vedica Institute of Technology, Bhopal
    • Vidhyapeeth Inst. of Sc. & Tech., Bhopal
    • VNS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS (VNS Institute of Technology, Bhopal)
  2. Rajeshvig

    Rajeshvig New Member

    I was looking for list of schools in Bhopal. You have provided me good list of schools in Bhopal. Thanks for providing the list.
  3. anil22ece

    anil22ece New Member

  4. Sheila Raheja

    Sheila Raheja Member

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