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Is It Safe To Use Google Plus Auto Backup For Android

Discussion in 'Gadget & Software Lounge' started by Royaluni, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Google provide us loads of features with their android phone. They have created a eco-system where every google service is linked to each other and they all function in sync. Similarly Google Plus auto backup of photos and videos in android smart phone provide very good feature of instantly backing up your photos and videos.
    You can configure its settings to allow Google Plus auto backup on wifi and cellular data services or either of them. It is specifically good because wifi will be free in most of the cases and cellular data service will be charged by the service provider which could be real expensive if you take lots of photos and long videos.
    But point is, is it safe to use Google Plus auto backup?
    As per the settings screen in Google, it says that photos and videos uploaded to Google plus through auto backup service are private and are not shared with anybody. If you want, you can share it with your friends in your circle.
    But still, there are many who have raised questions on its privacy. Some believe that feature is really nice but it would have been better if Google has provided auto backup features with Google drive rather than Google Plus.
    Google drive is much safer whereas Google plus is a social networking site and if one is not sure about the settings then the fear of personal photos and videos getting shared on Google plus are legitimate.
    But yes, as mentioned earlier, it is said that these photos are private.
    And also, if you want you can turn off these settings to make sure that your photos are not automatically backed to Google Plus. Click here to know how to turn off Google Plus auto backup.

    What do you think about google plus’s auto backup for android devices? Share your question, views or just anything about it.

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