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How to Prepare For GUJCET Exam

Discussion in 'IIT/Engineering Preparation' started by Hemang Verma, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Hemang Verma

    Hemang Verma New Member

    Discuss about prepare for GUJCET Exam
  2. jyoti das

    jyoti das Member

    GUJCET Preparation Tips | How to Prepare for GUJCET
    In order to prepare for the offline exam of GUJCET, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

    a) Stay Focused
    In order to achieve the desired target, it is highly important for you to stay focused. No matter what, do not get distracted from your goal. Always keep in mind your goal and things will surely fall in place.

    b) Make A Study Plan
    Be thorough with the GUJCET Syllabus and GUJCET exam pattern. Based on that, make a proper study plan and allocate proper slots for each subject according to your hold on the particular subjects.

    c) Be Clear With Concepts
    It is obvious that if your concepts are not clear it will be tough for you to successfully proceed with your preparation. Understand the topic from every perspective. Give your preparation such an edge that you are ready to answer all kinds of ifs and buts yourself.

    d) Prepare Notes
    Cultivate the habit of making notes while going through any subject or topic. This habit of yours will assist you while revising in the last minute. Preparing notes also assist you in memorising the facts, figures, formulas, equations, reactions, etc. quickly and more efficiently.

    e) Practice Diligently
    Solve a sufficient number of GUJCET practice questions with increasing difficulty level every time you are done with a chapter. Mark the difficult questions and solve them again later. You can also solve JEE Main practice questions as JEE Main and GUJCET have almost the same syllabus.

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    Hope this answer will help you
    Good luck

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