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How to make career in lectureship through Arts Background

Discussion in 'Career Counseling' started by Rahul Sharma123, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. If you have completed the Post graduation in the Political Science or from Arts, Commerce and Humanities Subjects you have very good option to become a lecturer in the Political Science.

    The exam is conducted every year for the candidates those are interested in the lectureship and Research Program

    Here is the list of UGC NET Political Science Books you can take help from and prepare for the exam.

    UGC NET Political Science by Ashutosh Roy

    UGC NET Paper2 & paper 3 by Rukmini Bhattacharjee

    UGC NET Preparation by RPH Editorial Board

    Indian Political Thought buy Themes & Thinkers

    Politics in India by Rajani Kothari
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  2. retikagore

    retikagore New Member

    Although art teachers can usually teach grades K-12, they are most common in middle and high schools.

    Teaching Art in Elementary School
    Some elementary schools may have an art teacher to serve multiple grade levels. The students in an art class in grade school will be students who are required to take the class, typically two to three times a week. Some school districts have an art teacher that travels between schools to teach skills to numerous classes.

    Learn more about a career as an Elementary School Teacher.

    Teaching Art in Middle School and High School
    At the middle school level, art is often an elective. Some students will choose the elective while some will be placed in the class because others are full. This means the mix of students will vary greatly. High school art students will likely have chosen to take an art class so these students will mostly be interested in art and know more than just the basics.
    becoming a Middle School Teacher or a High School Teacher.

    Search Education Programs
    Search through thousands of schools that offer the educational program you are looking for, simply select the program from the drop down below

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