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How to become a Chemical Science Professor?

Discussion in 'Top Para-Medical & Science Colleges' started by Rahul Sharma123, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. The CSIR NET Exam is one of the major exams in India for the recruitment on Lectureship and Research program. If you want to make career in the Chemical Science as a lecturer. You must prepare for the CSIR NET Exam.

    Eligibility for CSIR NET

    If you have completed masters in the Chemical Science or Chemistry, you are eligible for this exam. You need at least 55 % marks in the Post-graduation.

    The candidates qualified for JRF Post may apply for the Scholarship worth INR 25000 per month and other benefits for the further Research and Studies. Others may apply for the lectureship program in various colleges and Universities of India as Assistant Professor by the CSIR NET Score card.

    The CSIR NET Exam is conducted in approx. 5 major subjects and Chemical Science is one of the important subjects of the National Eligibility test. If you want to make career in the lectureship and Research in the Chemical Science, you need to complete the given topics in the CSIR NET and crack the exam.

    CSIR NET Chemical Science

    The CSIR NET Chemical Science or Chemistry has three phases in the exam. The Part A, B and C has 20, 40 and 60 questions and each phase have the time limit of 3 hrs. There is also negative marking of 0.5, 0.5 and 1.0 respectively. The total No. of Questions asked in the exam is 120.

    As per the Latest CSIR NET Syllabus the Important topics for the CSIR NET Exam is as follows -

    Inorganic Chemistry

    Chemical Periodicity

    VSEPR Theory

    Transition & Inner Transition Elements

    Nuclear Chemistry

    Physical Chemistry

    Basics of Quantum mechanics

    Atomic Structure and Spectroscopy

    Chemical Bonding

    Statistical Thermodynamics

    Organic Chemistry

    IUPAC Nomenclature of organic molecules

    Aromaticity generation & reactions

    Common Named Organic Reaction Mechanism.

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