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good score of TOEFL & GRE to get good college

Discussion in 'Study Lounge' started by universe, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. universe

    universe New Member

    what is a good score for TOEFL & GRE at which one can get good colleges in USA? Please give some examples of colleges also.
  2. Nicol Williams

    Nicol Williams New Member

    It fully depends on how many of the test takers are there. So if your score comes out to be in 1-2% of the test takers taken from the top it is consider to be a good TOEFL & GRE test score.
  3. rappelz

    rappelz Member

    The post is very useful.:)
  4. Ranjan Kumar

    Ranjan Kumar New Member

    hey let me update with info related to what actually american universities consider when a foreigner visit them for admission .In general, American universities will look at the grades you made for the four years before you attend their school, personal recommendations from teachers/bosses/family friends, etc., how hard your classes in high school (or whatever the British equivalent is) were, and extracurricular activities. You'll also probably have to write an essay or two with your application, which they'll consider. Some schools also ask you to do interviews as part of the application process. You will need to apply for tests--most schools ask for the ACT or SAT (you can just google that and find more information about them, including test dates/locations and study materials, etc.) Those are the main ones, but other schools will look for other things. Some schools also look at random things, like if you have any relatives that graduated from there, and there's not much you can do about that.

    Different universites place more emphasis on different aspects of the application, so you'll just have to do a little more research on the specific school. A good place to start is collegesearch[DOT]collegeboard[DOT]com/search/index[DOT]jsp, which is a website by the people who make the SAT test. That specific link will take you to their college "matchmaker", where you can choose things you want in a school (for example, size, location, cost, religious affiliation, housing, etc... they've got about a zillion different criteria) and they'll tell you all the schools in the US that match those criteria. You can also type in the name of a specific school in the search engine, if you already know where you're applying. That will take you to a page where you can find out a ton of stuff about the university, and if you click on the "admission" tab, it will tell you what factors they look at when you're applying, and how heavily they weight those factors.

    You can also look on the university's website. Most universities will have a link about "admissions" and clicking on it will take you to an entire section of their website where you can start an application, talk to admissions counselors for advice, and several other things, but they also usually will have a link about what they consider important for your application.
    hope it will help someone in need
    Ranjan Kumar
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