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GMAT Quantitative Practice Question-Dollar Amount in Equation

Discussion in 'CAT/MAT/GMAT Preparation' started by Royaluni, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    In Exams like GMAT, GRE, CAT & MAT etc, there is a Problem solving section in quantitative test. This is a sample GMAT practice question from gmat official guide 2016. You can learn the fundamental behind this question to answer similar questions in GMAT or other test.

    Qt. Last month a certain music club offered a discount to preferred customers. After the first compact disc purchased, preferred customers paid $3.99 for each additional compact disc purchased. If a preferred customer purchased a total of 6 compact discs and paid $15.95 for the first compact disc, then the dollar amount that the customer paid for the 6 compact disc is equivalent to which of the following?

    A. 5(4.00)+15.90

    B. 5(4.00)+15.95

    C. 5(4.00)+16.00

    D. 5(4.00-0.01)+15.90

    E. 5(4.00-0.05)+15.95

    Answer- there are variety of ways to handle this question, instead of going into mathematical jargons, I will go with the simplistic calculation mode which will help you in easily understanding the concept. In this method, I will first calculate the total amount of money which customer has paid on 6 discs using the information available and then I will use the equation from the options to verify which equations yield us our value.

    As per the discount scheme, customers will pay $3.99 for each additional disc, customer has paid $15.95 for first disc, so it means customer will pay total amount;

    15.95+ 5* 3.99 =15.95 + 19.95=35.90

    Customer paid total amount of $35.90 for total discs.

    Now we will solve the options available to us to achieve this amount of $35.90

    A. 5(4.00)+15.90

    When you solve it, you get;


    Which is the correct answer for the above question.

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