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GMAT Practice Questions-How Many of 200?

Discussion in 'CAT/MAT/GMAT Preparation' started by Royaluni, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    A marketing firm determined that, of 200 households surveyed, 80 used neither brand A or nor brand B soap, 60 used only brand A soap, and for every household that used both brands of soap, 3 used only brand B soap. How many of the 200 households surveyed used both brands of soap?

    A. 15

    B. 20

    C. 30

    D. 40

    E. 45

    Answer- let’s consolidate the information we have;

    Total household= 200

    Neither A nor B = 80

    Brand A only= 60

    As mentioned, 80 do not use neither A nor B, therefore

    People using Brand A or B = 200-80 = 120

    We also know that, for every household that used both brands of soap, 3 used only brand B, so if

    X= number of households using both brands

    3x= Brand B only

    Now we can put up an equation to find out the value of x

    60 + x + 3x = 120

    60 + 4x = 120


    4x= 60

    X = 60 / 4 = 15

    Answer choice A

    Source- Official GMAT 2016 Guide

    what is the height, in feet, of the surface of the water above the ground?
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