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Effective Teaching Ideas Easy to Implement

Discussion in 'Top Schools' started by ankit kohli, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. ankit kohli

    ankit kohli New Member

    Gone are the days when teaching was confined between books, blackboard, chalk and duster. Interactions were minimal between the teacher and students. However, the mode of imparting education has evolved over the time and the teachers are embracing new & Effective Teaching Ideas. Experiential teaching is the keyword; therefore Government and the educationists across the world are emphasizing on adopting new Effective Teaching Ideas .

    It is interesting to note that the teachers from various government schools across the country are inventing creative ways of teaching the same chapters. The focus is on making classrooms interactive and engaging. Started under the aegis of Sri Aurobindo Society’s Rupantar program, ZIIEI (Zero Investment Innovation for Education Initiatives) is inspiring teachers at grass root level to bring about a transformation in the field of education. Teachers of government schools are feeling the pulse of innovation in education and they are finding the zero investment solutions to their education related problems within their limited means of resources available.

    Let’s take a look at how the teachers of Haryana are innovating new ways to provide wholesome learning experience to their students. Out of the numerous unique Effective Teaching Ideas solutions by the teachers of the state, some of them definitely need a special mention here. Have a read:

    Attendance through Days

    Don’t be surprised if you hear the names of the days every morning in a school in Dhanora, Ambala. Hari Om, a teacher from Haryana has innovated an interesting and joyful way to ensure his students learn their lessons easily. Therefore, he has instructed his students to revert with the names of the days during attendance every day.

    “I do not encourage rote learning which is a memorization technique based on repetition. I wanted to start my class everyday in a joyful way with enthusiastic students. That is why I came up with this idea of taking attendance through days’ names.”

    Children grasp things easily if they are taught through joyful teaching techniques. According to this activity, the teacher informs the students about the activity in the morning. Hari Om makes it clear that none of the students will say present when their roll number is being called out; instead they will say Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and so on. For example; when Hari Om, the teacher says – roll no. 1, the student with roll no. 1 will say Monday. When the teacher calls out roll no. 2, the respective student will say Tuesday. This way, the attendance procedure is carried out every day. When roll no. 7 has been called out and the student responds by saying Sunday, the next student that is roll no. 8 will again start with Monday and this cycle continues.

    This small yet effective way of taking attendance has helped students of Government Primary School, Dhanora, Ambala to learn the names of days without even realizing that they are learning a lesson. Hari Om’s zero investment innovation has earned accolades from his peers and others in the education fraternity.

    Teaching English through Cards

    Teachers have realized that learning through seeing is a pedagogical strategy that engages students in the classroom. Visuals/ pictures leave a long lasting impression on the minds of children. An appropriate picture can work as a catalyst paving way for endless creative thoughts and production of thousands of words. Keeping this view in mind, Poonam, a teacher from Haryana uses placards for teaching English to her students.

    Being a teacher of primary class students, Poonam was aware of the problems faced by the teachers. She knew that most students belong to non-English speaking background and reading-talking in English was alien to them. Even their guardians did not pay enough heed to the importance and usage of English language. With no guidance and motivation behind, most children struggled with the language. Forget about writing or reading a simple sentence in English, the children were unable to recognize the alphabets or make a word with a given alphabet.

    Poonam ensures that students themselves take keen interest in learning Englishs. She is teaching the students of primary classes with the help of cards. These cards are made out of waste cardboard boxes. The teacher writes an alphabet in bold letters on the card and displays it to the class. Students are asked to identify the alphabet and make words with it. For example: The teacher writes ‘M’ on a placard and asks one of the students to make 5 words with it. The student according to her/ his capability tells words like – monkey, madam, Mathematics, mat, map and more. This classroom activity helps students learn words from their peers. Besides enhancing the vocabulary of children, this innovative activity also boosts the confidence level of the children.

    Poonam has been teaching in the Government Primary School, Badibosi, Ambala, Haryana for years and has been committed towards bringing fruitful changes in her school. The ZIIEI training received by her in August, 2019 made her even more focused towards her goal. Inspired by ZIIEI vision of zero investment solutions, she often adopts easy, effective and no investment innovative ideas in her classroom.


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