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Buying LED from USA.

Discussion in 'TV & Monitor Review Forum' started by coolcatric, May 7, 2013.

  1. coolcatric

    coolcatric New Member

    Hi Guys, Need some information, I am planning to buy a 42-46 LED from USA.
    This is what i am planning to do -
    1. Buy 42"-46" LED from EBAY
    2. Will try to keep the deal under 35k, as limit is 35k if i am not wrong ( i am open for refurbished / used)
    3. Ask my friend (one who's traveling from US to India) to claim this under oversized baggage.
    4. Put a "fragile" sticker on LED box
    5. Almost all LED are Global ready & they run both 110V & 240V. Need inputs here
    6. No idea on how to convert NTSC to PAL. (will use this LED for X-BOX[PAL] and Movies[.mkv] via USB)

    Apart from the above, need your help on finding a good deal. You guys are local there, so need your help.
    Bigger the size, lighter the weight, the better it is

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    well it's true that most of the LED's run both 110V and 240V but i know quite a few friends who use a device to reduce voltage. it doesn't cost much so that won't be a issue. For NTSC Vs PAL issue, you can consult the DTH provider. I have heard that videocon and dishtv provide setup box which could be used without any converter. I am using airtel so i have to use a converter for that compatibility. If packing is good then there won't be any issue. If you need ntsc-pal converter, you can get them on ebay india/usa.

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