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BIO-medical engineering

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by a4ndinesh, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. a4ndinesh

    a4ndinesh Member

  2. dhivyaa4n

    dhivyaa4n Member

    Neural control engineering.
    Bio instrumentation
    Neural modeling and neuroengineering
    Engineering in medicine
  3. MM Insitute of Medical Science and Engineering offered various diploma, graduate and post-graduate medical courses. Institute is equipped with excellent state of the art facilities. The hospital has 940 teaching beds. It caters to the needs of society and provides Emergency and specialized services in all fields of medical sciences.
  4. Savnika579

    Savnika579 New Member

    I agree with Aarushi,MM institute is great.

    TOEFL Classes in Pune
  5. jyoti das

    jyoti das Member


    There is the ocean of opportunities for the applications of the scientific concepts and the relevant principles in real life. The application of the specific concept to solve daily life problems.

    The biomedical engineering is one of such rising stream which utilizes the engineering knowledge and the respective skills to help find the solutions relevant to such daily medical challenges.

    Biomedical engineering is the branch of engineering which is a combination of engineering and biology and applies the science of engineering to the medical streamline. Biomedical engineering teaches one to use new methods and techniques to develop diagnostic tools, to create new treatment procedures, medical equipment, ensuring safety procedures and mechanism while handling of devices and makes them experts in any one field............. Read more

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    Hope this answer will help you
    Good luck!

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