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Big Data & Data Analytics Courses in India

Discussion in 'Programs for working professionals' started by Royaluni, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Big Data or Data Analytic or Predictive Analytics are informally used together but they are not same. They definitely overlap each other and closely inter-related.

    There are many offline & online courses available in india for Big Data, Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics.

    As mentioned earlier, they all are inter-related and if you study one, you will always touch others.
    Therefore it is important to know what exactly you are looking for and choose courses appropriate for you.

    For professional with programming back ground, Big Data courses are more suitable as they also include R programming, SAS language, Hadoop etc. there could be some variation but Big data courses more or less will have these things depending upon the nature of the course. When I say nature of the course, I basically mean the size or length of the course.

    Courses which are smaller in hours will tend to have only limited topics. A short term big data certification may have all or some of the following topics;
    • R Programming
    • SAS learning
    • Hadoop training
    • Map-Reduce Basics and Map-Reduce Types and Formats
    • PIG
    • HIVE
    A long term course like diploma or PG diploma will have more topics covering data predictive modeling also like
    • Data science
    • Quantitative management techniques
    • Analytics
    • Data mining for business intelligence
    But if you are professional with Business Analystbackground, you might be more interested in business side of it. In fact, predictive modeling is more relevant for you. Therefore you should target data analytics or predictive modeling courses which focus more on business side and their principals. There is a huge demand for these professionals.

    Common term which is used for predictive analytics or data analytics courses is Business Analytics.
    As mentioned earlier, some of the subject will overlap and students applying for data analytics courses will go through some of the subject mentioned above. Other than those, Business analytics course also have;
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Data Management
    • Predictive analytics
    • Forecasting techniques
    • Analytics
    • Advanced Statistical Modeling
    • Data Mining
    • Data collection
    • Data visualization
    • Optimization Modeling
    Some colleges or institutions may offer additional subjects also.
    So choose a appropriate course based on your requirement
    Some of the most prominent name offering Business Analytics courses in India are;
  2. aaina khan

    aaina khan New Member

    Hello Royaluni

    It’s a great post about various business analytics courses available in India. The info is good to know!

    The whole field of big data is booming, and many organizations are actively looking out for the right talent to analyze vast amounts of data. Much of this is driven by the fact that big data if used properly has the potential to transform businesses and further provide them with a competitive advantage.

    Big data talent should consists of a combination of skills – good knowledge of statistical and analytical skills, an understanding of how big data can be used to make better business decisions; and computer programming expertise for big data analysis. So those who are ready to take the plunge and make a career in Big Data, knowing that the potential for high growth and success is tremendous, must take that first step in beginning their Big Data Training.
  3. JasleenKaur

    JasleenKaur New Member

    I want to know course eligibility and fee structure of this course.
  4. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Jasleen, what course? There are total 5, you can visit the links.
  5. a4ndinesh

    a4ndinesh Member

    Bangalore is the best place to study Big data in south side
  6. Priya Kumari

    Priya Kumari New Member

    Needed to compose one simple word yet thanks for the suggestions that you are contributed here, please do keep updating us...
    Thanks for letting me know the details about Big Data Analytics Training and Hadoop Training in Chennai

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