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Best Microsoft Office Templates For Free

Discussion in 'Study Lounge' started by Royaluni, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Find out list of best Microsoft office templates to add funk to your ebook, word, excel & powerpoint presentations.
    Microsoft office suite is one of the most iconic piece of software ever created in information technology sector.
    Microsoft office suite is used for variety of purposes, it range from personal purposes to hardcore commercial purpose.
    Microsoft office templates consist of;
    • Microsoft word templates
    • Microsoft excel templates
    • Microsoft office powerpoint templates
    • Microsoft Publisher Template
    Microsoft office templates provides you free and paid templates which can be used for birthday wish to represent financial details.
    Here I have created my favorite Microsoft office templates. I have selected only free templates and these templates can be downloaded from here.

    microsoft office templates.jpg
    1. Photo album, flowering hearts design- it is a Microsoft powerpoint template which can be used to add some design to a photo album
    2. Welcome Baby Girl Banner which is available in pink purple and green colors is a very good powerpoint template. It is a template which be used for birthday wishes.
    3. The cookbook Microsoft word template is a very good word template for users who are going to create ebook based on food recipes and dishes.
    4. Circle Picture Hierarchy Organization Chart Slide (white on blue), widescreen- is a beautiful template for Microsoft powerpoint. You can use this template to organizational chart for your company.
    5. Brochure for small business is a beautiful Microsoft word template which can be used completely customized brochure for your company. You can enter your details, put your logo and customize it completely to suite your need.
    6. Newsletter Microsoft office template is a word template. You can use it to create newsletters for personal and professional purposes.
    7. Project to do list is Microsoft excel template. You can use it for project management purpose. It will provide everything to you to manage your project.
    8. Personal expenses calculator is a excel template. You can use it to track and monitor your expenses. Your data is automatically sorted based on months.
    9. Certificate of achievement is a powerful Microsoft office Publisher Template. You can use it to issue COA to your employees and students. It is custom made template specifically for certificate of achievements.
    10. Birthday Party Invitation- it is a beautiful publisher template for birthday party invitations. It is based on space theme.
    11. Party Menu- it is a publisher template which can be used to create party menus for your next party.
    12. Student yearbook for elementary school- you can create your kids student yearbook using this publisher template.
    These are some of my favorite Microsoft office template which are available for free.

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