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Best Joyful Learning Ideas for Schools Kids - ZIIEI

Discussion in 'Top Schools' started by ankit kohli, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. ankit kohli

    ankit kohli New Member

    Talk about playing games in the class or get ready to narrate a story and then watch the students spring into action. There are innumerable similar joyful learning ideas for kids that are being adopted by the modern education system in India and abroad. Explaining a concept or teaching a chapter becomes all the more engaging when the teacher chooses some joyful learning ideas for kids. Compare the same to teaching a chapter from books by monotonous lectures and typical notebook assignments.

    The former technique of adopting more playful teaching methods would be preferred by one and all. The ever-growing education system of India is incorporating these more impactful and modern techniques of classroom teaching. The primary focus of teaching through books has shifted to imparting education through joyful learning techniques. Learning through games, activities and student-teacher interaction is the most preferred pedagogical approach in the education system today.

    Fun Ways of learning through Tyre’s & Tubes!

    Children in remote areas of the country can often be spotted playing with tyres and tubes. But, have we ever seen any child using those tyres to learn and understand their lessons in the class? Don’t be surprised. Such a view is common in the classes of Government Primary School, U S Nagar district of Uttarakhand. Harpal Singh, a teacher in this primary school has incorporated similar innovations to explain varied concepts to his students. He says “Teachers have to take the lead, only then the students develop interest in something. It is the responsibility of the teacher to engage the young minds towards something constructive.”

    Mr. Singh uses worn out tyre tubes to teach geometrical shapes to his students. He believes that different waste materials can be brought in usage for joyful and experimental learning inside the class. Egg shells, bamboo sticks, batteries and empty bottles are used to make different items that helps in innovative teaching.

    Learning through tyre tubes and egg shells was one such innovative idea for joyful learning that is being used by in an Uttarakhand school. There are many more innovative and engaging ideas that are being used by the teachers in other schools. Some more examples of these experiential teaching methods are:

    Learning through Games

    Most kids love games and fun activities. Therefore resorting to activity-based learning according to the interests of the students serves as a boon for the teacher in the class. It is believed that almost all students have a natural inclination towards sports. Different subjects like Mathematics, Science and even Social Science attract less interest of the students.

    Grid Game

    Apathy towards a particular subject can consequently affect the attendance of students in the classes. Realizing this, the teachers in Uttar Pradesh focused on explaining their curriculum chapters through varied class-based games. One the examples of such classroom games are ‘grid game’. The teacher constructs a grid on the floor with the help of chalk and fills the boxes with different answers of a particular chapter. Then the teacher asks objective questions and the students are asked to stand on the correct answer written in the grid on the floor. This small grid game helps student imbibe any subject in an easier and long lasting manner.

    Snakes & Ladder Game

    Another example of these innovative learning techniques through games is ‘Snakes & Ladder Game’. The minimal investment required to play this game is some stationery items like chart paper, dice, colour pens and tokens. In this game, two students take turns to throw dice and two other students take the places of tokens and move places according to the dice.

    This classroom game is simple to play and interests all the students. This Ludo game is used by the teachers to teach basic Maths to the primary students. Other subjects like Hindi, English, etc. are also taught using this fun learning idea in the classes.

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