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Best books for IIT preparation

Discussion in 'Study Lounge' started by Sunil, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Sunil

    Sunil Member


    I want to know which book is best for IIT preparation for the subjects of;
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
    3. Maths

    I will get into other broader study material at the later stage. I am looking for these books for my cousin who has moved into 11th this year. He wants to prepare for IIT entrance simultaneously. I also think if he is interested then it is best to start early.

    So we will begin with the basics of physics, chemistry and Maths. I am sure there are many bright students here who have full knowledge about this. I am a bit backward in this so please bear with me. Please suggest.

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. rappelz

    rappelz Member

    I think the Chemistry is best.
  3. rappelz

    rappelz Member

    I like study math.
  4. king

    king New Member

    Hi friend,
    I like Chemistry .
  5. noah19

    noah19 New Member

    I like Math, I am getting hard time with Chemistry...
  6. Sheena Bajaj

    Sheena Bajaj New Member

    Let me break it down for ya
    For Physics
    According to best of my knowledge,the best book for theory is H.C.VARMA AND for problem solving approach D.C.PANDEY is the best book. but now the IIT-JEE is objective i prefer D.C.PANDEY,IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT REGARDING THEORY YOU CAN REFER H.C.VARMA

    For Maths
    TMH and Arihant are best books for iit
    i prefer these two
    and A DAS book is also very gud

    For chemistry
    NCERT is must , must and must to solve for competition exam [recommended ]
    with NCERT you can solve O P Tendon , pradeep , dinesh or whatever you want
    but NCERT is must !!

    Hope I helped, All the best
    Sheena Bajaj

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