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Best 46 inch led tv

Discussion in 'TV & Monitor Review Forum' started by Sunil, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Sunil

    Sunil Member


    I am looking to buy a 46 inch led tv, my budget is 1 lacs. I want to know what all factor should i consider and is it worth buying 3d TV?
  2. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    I am using Samsung led 6000 series TV. I am extremely satisfied with it. Refresh rate is 240 and contrast ratio is 5M:1, i don't fancy smart tv and 3d tvs, so it is best for me. Samsung does produce some of the best LED tv's in the world, so i think you can pick any model from them based upon your preferance.
  3. mollysmith

    mollysmith New Member

    Last year i bought the Panasonic 46 inch screen which have great feature like USB port memory card port and also cable points.Resolutions are awesome and graphics shown best screen during watch,good eye controller too.

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