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B.Tech. Course In Biotechnology: A Unique Blend Of Applying Engineering Tools To Life Science

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by Aarushi Guglani, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Biotechnology is not only an interesting branch of life science but also the thriving sector with endless job opportunities. Biotechnology gets the credit for bringing to the world newer and novel tools to find out the cure for the ailing individuals. This has really set the standards for upliftment of the quality of life and well-being of an individual. Any education in the field of biotechnology is a good investment. This interdisciplinary branch of Biotechnology is uniquely aligned to cater to the needs of various sectors including drug and pharmaceutical research, food processing, Bio-processing industries, environment control, waste management and energy needs etc. One may easily look into these diverse career options available in the above sectors.
  2. jyoti das

    jyoti das Member


    If we define Biotechnology in its simplest form, then it is the compound form of Biology & technology. It helps in developing modern technology & powerful equipment on the basis of cellular and biomolecular processes.

    Biological processes of microorganisms have been being used for the production of food & various dairy products. For example, we have bread and cheese, the daily used product.

    Qualification Required for Biotechnology:

    The eligibility criteria to pursue Biotechnology as a degree course varies as per the institutions. However, if we take an average assumption, the minimum qualification required is 10+2 or equivalent education. In addition to that, the candidates must have qualified their last education with a minimum score of 45% - 50% (Varies as per institutions & reserved categories). The candidates must have Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology as mandatory subjects. The rest of the criteria such as age limit, nationality etc will always differ.

    Top 5 Career Options for Biotechnology

    When we speak of a career in biotechnology, a person in a lab coat working with test tubes and some chemicals in a lab comes to our mind. However, scientist & lab researcher are not the only options for a biotechnology graduate. With advanced technology & exciting discoveries, career opportunity for biotechnology professionals is expanding. Here are some of the best options to build a career after A Degree in Biotechnology.

    1. PhD in Biotech in India or Abroad:

    If you want to secure a higher position in society with your intellectual ability, then you can go for a PhD in Biotech. To pursue a PhD, you have to clear CSIR NET/GATE in the first place. After that, you can go for PhD in Biotech or Master’s Degree (MS) in Technology. Many Indian universities, as well as foreign institutes, provide massive opportunities for Biotech professionals. If you’re looking for abroad education, then Singapore will be great suggestion which has a thriving career option......Read more

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    Hope this answer will help you
    Good luck

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