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Adwords Training for Entrepreneurs

Discussion in 'Programs for working professionals' started by Royaluni, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Adwords training for entrepreneurs and small business owners, don't wait for customers to come to you, you should go after them. You should use google advertising platform adwords to promote your business in your locality like lucknow, bhopal etc and gain business.

    You can use adwords to setup compaign at city or state level. You can google adwords to setup search, display, call, video and more campaign types so you can capture customers exactly when they are looking for your services. It is called search intent, you will learn about search intent and how to perform keyword research in this course.
    Right now promotional campaign is going on, so don't miss your chance.
  2. Aamair Khan

    Aamair Khan New Member

    How and where we can learn and get training in PPC? Can you suggest me any institute near Indore or in Indore?
  3. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    Hi Aamair, it's a online course, you can learn it using your computer or mobile phone from anywhere.
  4. Aamair Khan

    Aamair Khan New Member

    I need offline mode to learn and discuss about digital marketing. How can I ask something if face any problem or anything, then who will discuss with me? I need face to face interaction with the trainers. I don't want any online courses for learning digital marketing. I knew very well about online digital marketing courses providers. But, I don't need any online course. Thanks a lot.
  5. nazim

    nazim New Member

    For learning google adwords you can also join any digital marketing Institute for learning higher knowledge. you can learn adwords by online.
  6. Aamair Khan

    Aamair Khan New Member

    Thanks a lot. I already joined a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Indore for learning Google Adwords Training.
  7. You can also do Bachelor/Master degree course in Digital Marketing, Adword is the part of digital marketing, so you can do this courses for any recognise university for gain more knowledge

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