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1 Year Masters Programs in UK

Discussion in 'Education Live' started by surbhi chawla, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. surbhi chawla

    surbhi chawla New Member

    The reason to go for a Best Masters Degree in UK Universities is because British education offers students the freedom to explore new ideas and creativity. The students of these Universities are encouraged to do individual research work. The mode of learning they followed are group activities, peer interaction, classroom discussion, debates, and quizzes. They try to create an open learning environment that builds student confidence and nurtures critical and creative thinking. The courses the UK Universities offers are skills oriented and career focused, keeping up to date with current industry demands.

    The Universities of United Kingdom offers programs of great flexibility. The courses they offers are from short courses, certificates, diplomas to undergraduate and post graduate degrees. Students have also the option to choose career centered study programs.

    There are total 300 Universities and higher education institute in the United Kingdom. These universities offer both undergraduate and Master programs. Under Masters Programmes they offer 1 years -5 years programs. There are total 6511 Master of Science (M.Sc.) programs, 3735 Maters of Arts (M.A.) programs.

    The Universities offers 1 year master programs in UK across various colleges are Master of International Business (MIB) an MBA Programme, Master of Engineering Management (MEM), European Master of Philosophy and many others. The Master degree provided by the United Kingdom are of the various stream and in huge demand across the globe. After completing 1 year Masters Programs in UK Universities, students are able to take up or able to handle the challenges of various professions.

    1 year MS Degree from UK are in huge demand across the world. The students graduated with this degree are able to handle professional challenges and contribute to the development.

    United Kingdom’s Universities’ Students Union makes easy for International students to study there. They provide good support throughout the study duration to settle them and accomplish their study I proper manner. The supports they are providing heir includes issues like health, finance, faith, accommodation, disability, language support especially English, and career and much more. Universities arrange social activities, parties, trips and help students to feel more comfortable and integrate into the new environment. Apart from all these, Universities also arrange various scholarships and loans to support financially weak students.

    Some of the 1 Year MS Degree from UK Universities are listed in below table.

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    List of some of the Best Masters Degree in UK.
    Sl.No. Title Degree Duration
    1 Accounting and finance MSc 1 year
    2 ACS: Advanced Web Technologies MSc 1 year
    3 ACS: Artificial Intelligence MSc 1 year
    4 ACS: Computer Security MSc 1 year
    5 ACS: Computer Systems Engineering MSc 1 year
    6 ACS: Data and Knowledge Management MSc 1 year
    7 ACS: Digital Biology MSc 1 year
    8 ACS: Multi-Core Computing MSc 1 year
    9 ACS: Semantic Technologies MSc 1 year
    10 ACS: Software Engineering MSc 1 year
    11 ACSw ITM: Information Management MSc 1 year
    12 Actuarial Science MSc 1 year
    13 Advanced Computer Science MSc 1 year
    14 Advanced Computer Science and IT Management MSc 1 year
    15 Creative Writing MA 1 year
    16 Corporate Governance LLM 1 year
    17 Educational Leadership MA 1 year
    18 English Studies MA 1 year
    19 Gender, Sexuality and Culture MA 1 year
    20 Healthcare Ethics and Law (Intercalated) MA 1 year
    Having gone through a wide range of 1 year Masters Degree in United kingdom. It’s time for you to decide which course you would like to choose out of the wide range of 1 Year Masters Programs in UK that are available.
  2. a4ndinesh

    a4ndinesh Member

    the above listed courses are available and more familiar in all types of university boards in U.K

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